The new and improved Everus Wallet app will shortly be available to all!

The new apps come with a much improved user interface and experience, making it more user friendly and intuitive for newcomers. For iOS users, the Everus Wallet will be accessible via password or facial recognition (selected mobile devices), while the Android version will employ fingerprint scanning as a safety measure to prevent unauthorized access to wallets.

Multi-crypto storage

Apart from EVR, the wallet can store Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. These will be able to be exchanged for EVR at any time in the wallet itself, saving users the hassle of depositing these cryptocurrencies on an exchange first. With simple conversion to EVR available, it has never been easier to own EVR tokens.

In addition, the biometric security features gives the wallet a convenience factor since there is no longer a need to remember complex passwords. In addition, these cryptocurrencies can be used to pay for goods and services within the Everus ecosystem in the future, with the wallet automatically linked with the Everus payment API at various merchants worldwide to facilitate these transactions.

Future plans

In the future, Everus plans for the wallet to be able to store an additional 50 coins and tokens each month, with the ultimate goal of being able to hold over 500 different cryptocurrencies. This will make it the most versatile multi-cryptocurrency wallet on the market. Users will also be able to withdraw their funds at any time, allowing for easy spending and tracking as all cryptocurrencies will be held in one place.

Such a wallet would be extremely useful for crypto investors that want to stay on top of their diverse portfolio of coins and tokens, making it easy to track and manage. No longer will crypto investors have to store multiple coins and tokens on a variety of exchanges, as well as remember series of complex passwords for each one.

This would also make it even easier for almost anyone with any form of cryptocurrency to obtain EVR, as they would only need to deposit their funds into the Everus Wallet before using it to buy EVR. In turn, the EVR obtained can be used for all products and services within the Everus ecosystem.

Mobile top-ups

Mobile prepaid reloads are available for more than 130 countries, spread across five continents worldwide, supported by Everus utility payments. In the future, the company plans to add more options for utility bill payments and related services to the platform.

Wallet holders in selected countries such as India, Indonesia, Morocco, Nigeria, Philippines, and many more, may also purchase mobile data top-ups, making it extremely convenient for Everus users to maintain their mobile phone lines without visiting a physical store.