The vast rise in businesses selling products and services online has resulted in more and more businesses to focus on online channels as a way of saving costs and reaching out to online consumers. In 2018, non-cash transactions conducted by e-wallets were estimated to a total of $41.8 billion. Though it sounds promising, for merchants, stepping into e-business is like stepping into a field of land mines with multiple fees that need to be paid. 

With multiple payment options available in the market, choosing the most suitable payment options that provide security and simultaneously offers low investments is quite challenging. 

EverusPay is an online payment solution that offers merchants a secure and simple way to accept cryptocurrency payments from consumers across the world at a low cost. With easy API integration, merchants can start their online business right away! 

Let’s take a closer look at ways merchants can save costs with EverusPay: 

No subscription or maintenance fees

Merchants usually need to pay a certain amount of fees upon acquiring a payment gateway for their business. 

Whereas, EverusPay requires zero amount of fees upon joining; be it subscription or maintenance fees. 

No costly chargebacks

A chargeback fee is the most common headache in online business. Whether it’s system errors, unwittingly faulty or lost goods, or even credit card fraud, merchants are charged with a certain amount of fine from banks. In 2016, online merchants lost $7 billion on average due to chargebacks alone. 

With EverusPay, merchants can skip the painful costly chargebacks. EverusPay is a blockchain-based payment solution which means it is decentralized as transactions made by consumers are final and irreversible. 

Low transaction fees of 1%

Typically, consumers will be charged 1-3% for transaction fees when payment is made using a credit card. 

EverusPay offers low transaction fees from as low as 1% for consumers globally.

No currency conversion fees

Conducting international business which involves multiple countries can be expensive especially with the currency conversion fees. 

With EverusPay, merchants can take that sigh of relief as they are able to cut costs with no conversion charges. Blockchain technology allows payment to be transferred all over the world without the need of converting. 

Fast Settlement Process

For merchants accepting payments through credit cards, the settlement period can take over 1 week for them to access the funds in their bank account. 

With Everuspay, merchants can receive settlement within 24 hours of requesting. What’s more, there’s no limit to the number of requests that can be made. This provides merchants with the added flexibility and control over when they wish to receive their funds.

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