The expansion to European countries by attaining an Estonia license has open the doors to significant product enhancement and new developments, aligned with the Everus’ goal and vision which is to pioneer the widespread adoption of blockchain in everyday lives. Let’s take a look at some of the key achievements and milestones of Everus Technologies OU in 2019:

1.Everus Wallet Enhancement

Constant developments on the Everus wallet features was a success with the growth of up to 100k wallet users. Some of the top wallet usability features are:

  • a) More than 100 cryptocurrencies available inside the wallet
  • b) Pay subscription for a friend
  • c) Purchasing cryptocurrency using debit/credit card through integration with Indacoin

2. PSIGEN, The A.I Trading Bot

PSIGEN, an A.I trading bot that provides a daily passive income through autonomous trading was introduced to both professional traders and those new to crypto. The availability of trading packages as low as $10USD enables users to gain familiarity and confidence with the feature before subscribing to a higher trading package. The increase in signups has made PSIGEN one of the top Everus wallet features in 2019. 

3. EVR+, Crypto Dividends Made Easy

EVR+ is an alternative form of investment, generating passive income in Bitcoin. Available exclusively inside the Everus wallet, EVR+ provides a daily dividend payout of 0.23% from their subscribed dividend package. From an investment as low as $100USD, users are able to earn a fixed dividend rate of up to 18 months. What’s more, up to 10 levels of referral and matching incentives providing users with an additional payout. 

4. EverusPay, The Future of Payment Solutions

EverusPay is an online payment solution for merchants, providing a variety of payment method in the form of cryptocurrency. Apart from the remarkable benefits that EverusPay offers such as cross border payments, fraud prevention, 24hour settlement process etc., EverusPay merchants are able to grow their customer base to the Everusworld ecosystem of 100k users, improve cash flow, save costs and more. 

5. LuxDraws, Win Exclusive Luxury Brands

In conjunction with Everus Technologies 2nd Anniversary, Everus released LuxDraws; allowing users to have a chance at winning luxury brand items such as iPhone 11 Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 etc. by redeeming cryptocurrency tokens. LuxDraws was developed as a way to say thanks to the Everus community for the constant support. 


The year 2020 is set to a great start with the upcoming launch of Brexily, a trading exchange platform that provides more than just zero trading fees for EVR pairings. Everus aims to expand the Everusworld ecosystem by introducing more features and services to provide real-life solutions with the adoption of blockchain worldwide. Tune in to Everus social media websites for exciting news and updates!