Dividend payout originates from local banks that provide annual payout with a profitable percentage. The average interest rate in the US, for example, is 0.16%. Through development, earning dividend payout from cryptocurrency instead of fiat currency is made possible. With the added benefit of higher interest rate and monthly or daily dividend payout making it the latest trend in the blockchain industry. 

While some blockchain companies provide an annual or monthly dividend payout, EVR+ provides a daily payout of 0.23% from your subscribed dividend package. Subscribing the $1000USD package would provide you with an additional return of $1260USD in 18 months, excluding the $1000USD capital. Learn more here

Increase Your Dividend Returns with 10 Levels of Referral

“Every action counts and every effort matters”. EVR+ provides a dual stream of bonuses where you can earn more as you expand your network with EVR+. 

  • Referral Incentives: Earn one-time payout based on your referral’s subscribed package.
  • Matching Incentives: Earn monthly payout based on your referral’s subscribed package.

Example: Sean invites Marie into EVR+. As Marie successfully subscribed to a dividend package in EVR+ such as the $100USD package, Sean gets a one-time bonus (referral incentives) of 10% out of $100USD for instance. Then, Sean will continually receive a similar bonus every month (matching incentives). What makes it interesting is Sean gets a double bonus on the month he refers to Marie! 

But, what if Marie refers to John?

Marie is now on multiple levels. Marie is on Level 2 in Sean’s network while simultaneously in Level 1 on her own. When Marie invites John, John becomes Level 2 in Marie’s network whereas John becomes Level 3 in Sean’s network. Both Sean and Marie are able to expand their network up to the 10 levels and continually earn

Earn Passive Income with EVR+

Getting daily dividend earning and referral incentives may not be the reason for you to pass down your chair (at work), however, it does provide you with a comfortable additional income. 

Start earning daily dividend payout in Bitcoin and download the Everus Wallet to access the exclusive EVR+ feature. 

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