Clock is ticking,  the world is changing disruptively. Never before in the history of mankind have we experienced such change. There is a bizarre option to bridge hostile innovations to change the world for the better. One such creative breakthrough is blockchain technology.

The most fascinating fact about cryptocurrencies is that it doesn’t mind who you are. Be it a man, woman, person of color, trans, one with bad credit, one with no credit. If you have access to a computer or any other device such as mobile and push the right buttons, you can trade just like anyone else. This accessibility is what makes this technology such a breakthrough. 

Where are the women?

If you have even the slightest bit of acknowledgement or exposure to blockchain and cryptocurrency industries, then you may have clearly noticed that these fields are predominantly filled and led by men. Cut to the chase, women have always been fighting for basic workplace equality and rights. They have had to tackle many hardships that have put them to a considerable disadvantage when it comes to portrayal in these areas. 

“Around 85% to 90% of the people that were engaged or have been engaged in cryptocurrency have been men. And it’s about time that women start showing up to the table and become involved much more than they have been.”

Blockchain companies can reach out to promote diversity in space and get women engaged and let them know it’s not as hard or as nerdy or as techy as they would think it is. Women and men are not so diverse when it comes to their interest in cryptocurrency.  The issue is education, female investors depicted their lack familiarity in blockchain and other cryptocurrencies (76 % female vs. 52 % male investors) but 93 % of the women surveyed have indicated that they’d be more open to investing if they had more educational resources available to them).

Is there a change?

The more the women get into this industry, the more excited they get and they understand at a glance that it’s easy and that it’s totally doable. There’s no magic going on that it’s difficult or more challenging for women.

In light of this, there is absolutely a fair share of admirable women who have gone above and beyond to lead in new heights to keep it up for the women across the world. Here’s a glimpse of some of the most impactful women in the crypto and blockchain industries.


The Blockchain industry has a shortage of female presence which will strengthen the innovation and progress of countless fields. Each and every single one of these women are contributing to this industry in one way or another. As these powerful ladies continue to influence the world of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and technology as a whole, keep a close eye on them when the next big breakthrough takes place. For all we know, it might even bloom from something that they directly worked on or assisted to create an impact.

Thanks to all the women on the front lines, the industry may have a shot at getting things right with them in it.


“There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish” – Michelle Obama

Happy International Women’s Day!