The benefits of cryptocurrency are no longer kept hidden by a secret society. The image that cryptocurrency used to portray where people chose to disbelieve the idea it carries are all buried underground. Just like humans that get smarter in a learning environment, the value and system that cryptocurrency carries now are upgraded. This goes to show that cryptocurrency is here to stay. 

But, what is so great about cryptocurrency? Apart from its function to act as a medium of exchange, what else can it do? It is indeed a prime time for cryptocurrency as it is immersing well with the adaptivity of the people. These digital currencies are now closely similar to the properties and values of what fiat currencies hold with the added security. 

Let’s explore one of the things you could do with cryptocurrency.

You could..

  • Invest on crypto dividend

Crypto dividend has been one of the recent rave in the blockchain world. With the growth of crypto dividends such as Komodo and Neo, begs the question, is crypto dividend what you think it is? Collins English Dictionary defines “dividend” as:

“A distribution from the net profits of a company to its shareholders.”

Crypto Dividend is the literal dividend but using cryptocurrency with a few differences. Let’s look at the specifics:

  • Flexible Payout Duration

Instead of receiving payouts annually, users will be able to choose their preferred payout time such as daily, monthly or annually; depending on different organizations. 

  • High Payout Rate

There are many different payout rates from many organizations. For instance, Komodo gives out 5% of dividend returns annually whereas EVR+ gives out 0.23% daily. While most companies give out different payout rates for every payout cycle, some do give out fixed rates. Crypto dividend payout rates are usually higher than bank dividends. 

  • Passive Income Provider

Due to crypto dividend’s nature of regularliness and high payout return, crypto dividends are considered as a passive income provider where users receive continuous payout in return of minimal to no initial effort.

  • High Volatility 

A unique good-bad characteristic of cryptocurrency is it’s high volatility. In comparison to fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies could take you from ‘hero to zero’ or ‘zero to hero’ in a split second. 

EVR+, Crypto Dividend Made Easy

EVR+, available as an in-app feature inside Everus Wallet enables you to earn dividend payouts as passive income on a daily basis. What’s more, EVR+ dividend payouts are in the form of Bitcoin with a fixed dividend rate of 0.23%. Dividend packages are available from $1000USD. Hurry and get your passive income provider today!


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