Have you ever thought about a day that there will be automated cars everywhere, paper becomes obsolete, and crypto no longer be the future of finance? It will be the ONLY way to do finance. This is how things will be in five or more years. With the recent emergence of crypto, we must be able to paint a picture of what the financial future would look like. Without further adieu, let’s indulge in this topic further..

This article will walk you through some fun and interesting facts entailed to the crypto world…

A Paperless World

In just a few years from today, paper will be completely outdated. Everything from small payments to burly bills will be paid through cryptocurrency, but that’s not all. Payments using Crypto will be the newest vibe all around and everything will be done just in the blink of an eye. Crypto will become so common that anyone and everyone will be using it, so it’s about time that you stop wasting your time and riddle through your wallet for that specific bill you need. 

Gender Gap Shrinking

If you have, even the slightest bit of experience or exposure to blockchain and cryptocurrency industries, then you may have clearly noticed that these fields are predominantly filled and led by men. 

The world of crypto has a shortage of female presence which will thereby strengthen the innovation and progress of countless fields with time. As the industry continues to grow, you can expect more women to take leading roles across blockchain companies. For all we know, it might even flourish from something that they directly worked on or facilitated to create an impact.

Crypto Millionaires

If you are currently investing a good amount of your money into cryptocurrency, then that crypto millionaire might actually end up being YOU. There is an old adage that says: “the early bird catches the worm”. This is very precise when it comes to the crypto world. The next wave of extremely wealthy people in the community will largely consist of crypto enthusiasts who chose to believe in its value  today. Although some might debate that people are currently sitting through a “Crypto Winter” where prices are only getting lower, the future seems much brighter.

Crypto Ahead

So what can we expect to see in the world of crypto beyond five years ?

All in all, the world will abandon paper usage as cryptocurrency payment elevates.  SO WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? Five years ahead for cryptocurrency could be filled with tons of potential results. Maybe Bitcoin will no longer be the top currency, maybe a new cryptocurrency will take over, and maybe the regulations and legislation circling crypto will change significantly. Maybe after fifteen, twenty, or even fifty years down the line, cryptocurrency will take on an entirely new role in terms of how it’s used across the world. At the end of this massive chain  we might see cryptocurrency completely pass through other forms of payment and legitimize its name as the next big thing since the internet. 

Long story short, five years may seem like a long time from now, but that time it will be here before you know it. Together we are approaching a new and unique time in our lives where cryptocurrency is graced to take over the world of finance as we know it, which will certainly affect the bigger picture of our lives. Similarly, in the future when our kids or grandkids ask us about where we were and what we were doing when crypto was still in its early stages, what will we say? Let’s give it a thought…