Serial episode is heading back to court. This time, in Singapore. In this series of episodes, we will tell you all about the extraordinary places where you can spend your Crypto. One country, explored week by week. This will help you discover whether any Singaporean merchants actually accept Cryptocurrency payments. We’re delighted to publish that Singapore has a lively Cryptocurrency market, with more and more merchants starting to accept cryptocurrency as a payment method.

So, where can you spend your Crypto in Singapore? 


Artistry is a hybrid gallery and cafe serving up locally roasted Liberty Coffee and lovingly made artisan desserts, served on beautifully hand-crafted pottery. As its name suggests, the space and concept are all about creativity and mastery of craft, with a nod to the quaint and quirky. At Artistry, emerging artists – both local and international – now have a platform for their debut exhibitions, performances, talks and events in an intimate and inviting space.


Cocktail bars are everywhere these days, but two things make the cocktails at Bartini different—they’re made with premium and uncommon spirits (like Wyborowa’s flavored vodkas and Diplomatico rum from Venezuela), and they all have an element of fun to them. Club Street’s only bar dedicated to cocktails and mixology.

Bullion Star

BullionStar is Singapore’s premier bullion dealer. BullionStar offers 600 different products across 10 different product categories. With a worldwide unique walk-in bullion shop, showroom and vault, we can cater to all your precious metals needs. Offers a complete offshore bullion solution and takes pride in offering attractive prices with low premiums and low spreads. BullionStar Gold Bars & Silver Bars. View, buy, deposit, store, audit, sell and physically withdraw your bullion in one and at the same location.

Ducatus Café 

If you’ve been along Robinson Road lately, you might have spotted Ducatus Cafe which is now on the map for being Singapore’s first cafe that accepts cryptocurrency. In fact, the cafe has its own currency: Ducatus Coins. Ducatus Cafe’s owners envisioned that bitcoin would have a large influence on society and aimed for this cafe to demystify cryptocurrency. Everything is cashless, so orders in the cafe are made through an app called “Blockchain”, where customers convert cash to bitcoin via the kiosk. A single bitcoin is valued in the thousands and items are priced at small percentages of it.

Games Garage

Simply put, a gaming club like no other. Games Garage aims to fill the need for the boardgame community by providing them a sanctuary to play their boardgames. The main service is the rental of table space for use to play the board games and other traditional games we have in the store.


Kopitiam, a food court operator based in Singapore says it has developed a system to accept payments in bitcoin and some other cryptocurrencies. The company becomes one of the latest in a growing line of merchants making the pivot to digital payment means.The company created about 20 self-serving stations connected to a digital payments system which supports cryptocurrencies.

Otaku House

Otaku House is the leading Cosplay and Japanese novelties retail concept store in Singapore; fusing Japanese toys, anime collectibles, & other nonsensical gifts under one roof.

Oyster Bar

Oyster Bar is a fine European seafood bar featuring oysters, salmon, caviar and champagne. Located in the newly refurbished Customs House along the Marina Bay, the Oyster Bar is housed in a standalone glass house that overlooks the Marina Bay waterfront.

TOPOS Design Studio

TOPOS Design Studio is an award-winning architectural design firm established to shatter preconceived notions of spatial allocations and use. Located at Upper Cross Street, Singapore.


We’ve reached down to the end of the article. Stay tuned for our upcoming article to explore more places. Stay Safe.

Disclaimer: Please note that this is by no means a complete list of places where you can shop using Crypto, it is simply what we could find via web research. Being listed on this article is not an approval by Everus. We are not allied with any of the merchants listed here.