Why Online Business Fail: Top 3 Common Mistakes

An average of 543,000 small businesses is launched every month in 2019, each of which was born with a money-making business model to drive its founding company to financial prosperity and success. However, only 78.5% of these businesses make it past their first year...

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EverusPay, Saving Costs for Online Merchants

The vast rise in businesses selling products and services online has resulted in more and more businesses to focus on online channels as a way of saving costs and reaching out to online consumers. In 2018, non-cash transactions conducted by e-wallets were estimated to...

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As a key component in the Everus World ecosystem linking users to merchants, the launch of EverusPay by Everus Technologies OÜ provides online merchants with the ability to accept a variety of payment’s types in the form of cryptocurrency. “ “With over 100,000 Everus...

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